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Wyoming Rough Riders

Winner Choice Raffle September 2, 2019, more details.....

Wyoming Rough Riders Cowboy Mounted Shooting Club was established in 1997.  Our members are from all over Wyoming; some from South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado and are a diverse group of people from all walks of life.  We all have a common denominator - love for horses, speed and guns and the thrill of the competition.  

Wyoming Rough Riders is also fortunate enough to have a World Champion in our midst – Dr. George Harty in 2001. 

What is Cowboy Mounted Shooting?  It is the fastest growing equine sport in the world.  Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a team sport between you and your horse with many different levels so that ages 6 to 90 can compete and enjoy the sport. CMSA is a family oriented sport ; it is not uncommon to see entire families competing at an event and having fun.   

We shoot single action .45 caliber revolvers.  Each pistol is loaded with 5 rounds.  The ammunition is manufactured specifically for Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  They are blanks with black powder used to pop the balloon or target.  Courses of fire are set in a variety of patterns.  The first half (5 targets) of a course will vary with each go.  Once the rider shoots the first five, he/she holsters and draws their second pistol and shoots the second half (5 targets), called the “Run Down”, which is usually a straight shot to the finish line. 

Typically, a competitor crosses the timing beam at a full gallop.  Scoring is based on elapsed time plus any penalties or procedurals within the run. Penalties of  five points each include knocking over a barrel, missed target, or dropped gun. Procedurals are failure to follow the course of fire, which is a 10 second penalty.  These courses of fire normally take a contestant between 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the course.  The fastest overall time wins. 

We encourage our members and welcome new members or people that just want to watch to be a part of and join our club.  We try to have a practice/meeting once a month through fall, winter and spring. During the summer there are CMSA competitions held all over the country to attend.  Please check our schedule of events for upcoming practice/meetings and a listing of our events and area events in our region. Give us a call or drop an email for more information about us.

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